Braxton Ironbrook

A Human Soldier


Braxton entered the army as soon as he was able bodied, wishing to rise in the ranks and make his distant father, a high ranking officer, proud. He set his sights in nothing else, ignoring the bonds of brotherhood battle normally brings and spending time studying combat instead.

He is currently lauded as the only survivor of a battle against a band of mad pyromaniac cultists. After seeing his fellow soldiers killed in a fiery cataclysm, he has sworn to find and bring the Fire Cult Leader Lyzzie Calderos to justice.

Having gained some recognition he became a member of The Lord’s Alliance, rubbing elbows with other members and being a part time agent for their peace keeping operations, he has developed a bit of a friendship with Helvur and Maegla Tarnlar, town clothiers who are friendly to members of The Lord’s Alliance.

Braxton Ironbrook

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